Everyone has their way of life but do you sometimes wonder whether you are on the right path? Are you thinking about which direction you should go in life? And do you spend time thinking about how you can live the life that will truly make you happy? Then Waves of Life might be able to help you. Check out our online coaching, an Akashic Record reading and healing options and our surf and inner balance retreats!

Waves of life provides spiritual and life coaching to help you to discover your way of life. This is a path that makes your heart sing. Also, it is a path where you end up with more energy than you have ever felt before. And furthermore a path that feels completely right to you.

Most importantly, our sessions allow you to re-discover who you are from the inside, so that you can build a life on the outside that brings out the best of you. As a result, the sessions will give you insight into who you truly are and what you stand for. In addition, they will help you with creating the foundation for being able to live your true way of life.

What options can you choose from?

You have many options to choose from:

  • Deep Flow Program: This program consists of 7 sessions within 6 months to come to real and lasting change in your life. A combination of psychic reading, healing and coaching will be offered to provide you with practical tools and insights but also heal you from the inside.
  • An Akashic Record reading: These single sessions combine energy reading and healing to bring about a bit of magic in your life. Not only will you be able to access extremely important information that has been stored in the Akashic Records, you will also be aligned with your core energy again so that you can attract flow and abundance.
  • Free mini reading: Try out a mini Akashic Record reading for free by signing up for a mini reading! In a mini reading you can ask one question after which I will connect with your higher self and your guides to provide you with the answer.
  • Ocean healing: An ocean healing connects you with the power of the ocean and your infinite potential. A healing session can remove any blockages that are in your energetic field and influence your life unconsciously. In this way, sometimes even diseases or injuries can completely disappear.

If you want to improve your surfing and your life:

  • Surf and Inner Balance Retreats: Our retreats combine the best of two worlds. Not only do you get to improve your surfing, but also do you get intensive group coaching to find your inner flow in life.
  • Surf Psychology Coaching: Surfing is a mental sport. If you boost your mental strength, I can guarantee you your surfing will improve. Can you need a bit more guidance and do you want to develop more as a surfing? Choose then for surf psychology coaching.

Why choose me as a coach?

There are a few reasons why I think I will be able to coach you efficiently towards a better way of life.

  • MY BACKGROUND: I have a master in Movement Sciences and a post-master in Sports Psychology and have been a licensed surf instructor for 3 years. Next to this, I have been on my spiritual path for 10 years and have certificates in Reiki, Pranic Healing and Intuitive Development.
  • MY EXPERIENCE: I have more than 6 years experience with coaching people towards better lives, 10 years of surfing experience and have been doing spiritual work for over 12 years now.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: I have an inherent ability to relate well to all kinds of people. At the same time I can see through your behaviour that might be standing in the way of progress and will point this out to you so that you will be able to reach your highest potential.
  • LOVE OF HELPING PEOPLE: I love what I do and you can feel it. I honestly care about you and your life. Therefore I want to do everything I can to help you become more satisfied and happy in life
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD: I have gone through the highs and lows of life and have been through most of the processes that clients are going through. 

Also check out the testimonials on this website!

Are you ready to discover your true way of life?

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