Akashic Records

Every soul living on planet earth has a book written for them. All of these books, also called an Akashic Records, are stored in the Akashic Library. Every soul has their own book which contains a lot of information about that soul. The kind of information that you can for example find in the Akashic Records are:

  • Your qualities and gifts as a soul
  • The energy you are meant to embody in this lifetime
  • The lessons that you are meant to learn and have learned in this life
  • The reason why you encounter certain people in your life
  • Information about your past lives and any traumatic and powerful experienced you had there
  • The relationships that you have encountered and are meant to encounter in this life
  • The reason why you are born into a certain family or why you have certain kids
  • The reason why some patterns keep on happening to you and it seems hard to break them
  • Where you are on your life path and what you can focus on at the moment

An Akashic Records session

In an Akashic records session I will access your records so that the information that is stored inside of you becomes available to you. This is a session that combines both energy reading and healing. I will be able to pick up on information that is relevant for you at the moment and answer questions that you have. On top of that, I will feel where the energy is blocked within your system and help you to heal any blocks that are ready to be healed.

You can read more about these magical, beautiful sessions here.

Online courses

Do you prefer to learn how to access and read your own Akashic Records? I have set up a number of online courses to teach you how to read your records and how to start reading records for other people. In the first course you will learn about the basics of the Akashic Records. However, in the second course we will focus more on what you can heal within the Records such as energetic blockages and traumatic past lives.

You can find more information about my online courses here.