Reflecting on my spiritual awakening

Show me the way

My spiritual awakening started in January. I had just started with giving readings and had arrived in Sri Lanka to combine giving readings with my biggest passion: Surfing.

I remember it like the day of yesterday. That day I went surfing at a beach where I had not surfed yet. I jumped in from the hostel but decided to go out at the beach that I saw. Walking on the beach I arrived at a guest house that seemed to have close down for the season. I could not managed to find a way out and was standing there lost with my board. But then I saw a guy and a girl standing on the shore. I asked them how the heck I could go out of this place. The guy told me he would show me the way and showed me the little alley that ended up at the street.

These words seemed very true because even though we did not see each other much afterwards anymore, he showed my soul the way. It was there that my spiritual awakening began.

A new journey

Even though I have been travelling a lot in my life, this was a journey that I was not prepared for. I was completely overwhelmed and had no clue what was happening to me most of the time. I entered a deep transformational process that is often referred to as a spiritual awakening.

At that time however I had no clue that there was a name for what I was experiencing, let alone did I know that others were going through the same thing.

The process itself was so weird and constantly in motion. Often I could not even grasp what was exactly happening to me. Sometimes I would find myself for hours shaking out old memories. Sometimes I would get visions of past lives and sometimes I would wake up 8 times a night. But more about what my spiritual awakening process looked life later.

Time to breathe and reflect

Slowly I am moving out of my awakening and there is time to look back. To reflect and to finally understand what has been happening to me in all that time.

The process was hard. Extremely hard. I could easily say it has been the biggest challenge I have faced in my entire life. Why? Because I was going through emotions that I had never felt before in my life and were so extreme that they shook my entire existence. But more importantly, I felt so incredibly alone in the process. I had very little people in my environment who were going through a spiritual awakening, let alone people that were experiencing the same as I was.

Maybe this was the hardest thing. There were so many times that I wondered whether I was okay, whether I should maybe go the hospital for a check-up. There were so many times that I was hiding what I was experiencing because I was scared what other people would think about. While it was exactly at these times that I needed people and guidance the most.

But that is my life too. I am meant to experience things alone and act as a leader to guide other people the way. I have to find my own way and then help others find their way. So here I am. I decided to make a spiritual awakening guidance facebook group to offer the guidance and help that I have been craving in the last year, to share experiences between people and mostly to lift each other up. Are you going through a spiritual awakening yourself? Please feel welcome to join the community: If you want more individual guidance, you can opt for a reading or healing as well.

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