Ayahuasca is a South-American brew used both socially and as ceremonial spiritual medicine. It is a psychedelic and entheogenic brew made our of the Banigesteriopsis caapi vine, the Psychotria viridis shrub or a substitute and sometimes other ingredients. It is prepared in a tea that often causes an altered state of consciousness, including visual hallucinations and altered perceptions of reality.


Ayahuasca is a super intense experience that can be life-changing. It heals the body and mind at a deep layer of trauma that is stored inside and can change your view of life forever. Ayahuasca can open the door to a lot of hidden potential inside of you.

It needs to be treated and taken with care, however. When you really take time to prepare for your ayahuasca ceremony, the experience will be so much more worthwile. It is also very important to be guided afterwards so that you can integrate all your experiences into your daily life.

Ayahuasca preparation

While preparing for ayahuasca, there is a few things that I find very important:

  • Carefully checking in whether ayahuasca is calling you. Ask yourself why you want to take ayahuasca. Is it because it is popular or is it because your soul is asking you to the plant? Often people that are ‘called’ to ayahuasca report seeing a snake repeatedly, during dreams or in real life.
  • Setting an intention for your journey. Energy is chaotic until it is has intensity and direction. The intensity the plant will take care of but the direction you need to take care of. It is good to really think about your intention and what you want to get out of the journey.
  • Knowing what to expect a little bit. It can help to ask other people about their journeys or to read into ayahuasca. Like this your mind will be able to relax more easy and you can surrender to the process. Surrender and trust are two of the most important ingredients during your journey.

I can help you with the preparation of your journey. We can have a conversation about where you are standing at this moment in life so that you can pick the right intention for your journey. I will also be able to see ahead so I can prepare you for what is about to unfold and set your mind at ease.

After ayahuasca

You come home from the most magical journey. Ayahuasca has led you to places that you could never have imagined before.

But then you come back to your normal life and you wonder is this it? How can you match what happened during your journey to your daily life? Maybe this is where the challenge lies, because in the end it is about the integration of your experience. How will you allow ayahuasca to lift your life to a higher level.

I can help you in this process:

  • Holding space for you to talk about what you experienced during your journey. I will be able to travel with you so can understand at a deep level what you went through. Talking about the experience can help a lot in integrating and understanding the experience
  • Actively thinking about how you can integrate the insights that you have received into your life. Making ayahuasca practical and allowing it to boost your daily life.
  • Further healing trauma that was opened after your ayahuasca experience. Sometimes ayahuasca opens up blockages inside of our body so that they start to move. This is amazing because like this they can move out. But sometimes they need a little bit more taking care of. I can help you move them out of your system so that you can really heal the trauma inside of you.

Take plant medicine serious. Take yourself serious.

If you take yourself serious, you also take your ayahuasca journey serious by preparing it in a good way and integrating it afterwards.

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