Being session

The real magic happens once you allow yourself to move from healing to being.

being session

Moving from healing to being

Many of us are on the healing path. We are constantly looking for ways to heal. It seems like every time we have healed one element in our lives, another element pops up. When we have healed our family patterns, we continue healing our past lives and when we have healed our past lives, we can heal our inner child wounds.

But what if life is about being rather than healing? What if we are already whole and complete and life is about reminding us of this instead of healing? What if we can let go of the need to heal and start to embrace the relaxation of being?

The moment we focus on healing, we give a subconscious message to ourselves that we are not whole. Consequently, we will need more healing. And before we know it, we are stuck in a dark loop where there is always more work to do.

I found myself stuck in this cycle until… I remembered that we are whole and complete and nothing needs to be fixed.

What are being sessions?

This is why I have invented being sessions. Being sessions are there to remind you of the fact that you are whole and so perfect right now. Being sessions are there to bring you into alignment with yourself again. This allows everything that is not good for you to move out of your system and places you in a frequency where you automatically attract the things that serve you in life. Being sessions allow you to be what you came here for: to simply be and enjoy.

The set-up of being sessions is as follows:

  • A short introduction
  • A meditation session to guide you into a state of being
  • A being session to bring you further into alignment with your higher self. During these being sessions you can simply relax and listen to the music. I will use a variation of tools to assist you to align with yourself. This can be a mix of breathing, sound healing, light language and movement.
  • A sharing session in which you can share what you have experienced

In being sessions we move away from stories, attachments and words. We move away from not feeling good enough and we move towards the beauty and light of our being. We simply are. That is why being sessions are so powerful, because of their simplicity. Being sessions range between 75 and 90 minutes depending on how long the alignment process takes.

Are you ready to let go of not being and ready to be? You are most welcome to experience my sessions.

What happens exactly during a being session?

What happens during being sessions is hard to predict. It depends on how open you are and also on the intuitive insights that I get during sessions. I can move the energy around in many different ways:

  • Breathing
  • Dancing
  • Tapping with my hands
  • Speaking in light language
  • Pranic healing and reiki
  • Speaking with your soul
  • Sound healing by for example using my voice and a shaker

During being sessions I will be guided to choose the methods that fit best with your soul. Like this, the maximum amount of energy can be moved.

Most people go into a state of deep relaxation during a being session. Some experience physical sensations or receive visions. Other people see colours or hear important messages. Every experience is unique.

What can be healed during a session?

There is many options but a being session can for example lead to:

  • cutting of energetic cords that drain you from energy
  • the reduction or removal of physical pains in the body such as shoulder pain or stomach issues
  • the reduction or removal of mental things such as fear, worry and anxiety
  • removing or changing a pattern that has kept you stuck in life
  • more overall life energy in your body
  • a feeling of lightness and peace inside

Since I work on a very deep layer, the being sessions are very powerful and usually work until about 3 or 4 days after the session. During these days you might be more tired or still feel a lot of energy moving around your body. After that time, a new balance will be found within your energetic body bringing you into more stable alignment.

What will I experience during a session?

Energy is magic. Thus, it is hard to say what will happen exactly. But the following things could happen:

  • You can receive insights or even see images that can teach you something
  • You can get memories of past lives or visions of the future
  • You can experience peace, a feeling of lightness or a feeling of joy
  • You feel little sensations in your body, such as tingling, light flashes, warmth or cold
  • You can experience different emotions flowing through your body such as extreme joy or happiness
  • It is also possible to experience darkness and heavier emoties: this means a lower frequency is coming to light and is now being freed from your body.

Huh online sessions. How can you connect with me online?

We are always connected. Just like we do not need a line between telephones to call each other, we do not need to be in the same room to be connected. That means we can be just as connected from a distance. During the session our energetic fields can connect, because for energy it does not matter where we are in the world. A great example is when you are thinking of a family member or friend and he sends you a message on that day!


Therefore, a being session can also be done over the phone. If you prefer doing an online session, we can schedule a session via whatsapp video or zoom for example.

Should I prepare anything?

You don’t have to prepare anything but before the session I advise you to move your body so that the energy can flow freely. We go to a high vibrational energy and like that the energy will be able to move more freely through your body.

I also advise you to sit down and think about an intention for the being session. Setting an intention beforehand helps to guide the energy where you need it most. You can state the intention in the form of a ‘I am …’ statement, such as I am free, I am loved, I am outspoken etc.

Make sure that you can lie down comfortable during the session and have some blankets, tea or water close by. We will start sitting down but during the being-part you can lie down.

What should I do after a being session?

Take some time for yourself! A lot of work has been done, way more than you can ever imagine. On top of that, make sure you drink plenty of water. Also, it might be nice to move around or dance. Most of all, relax! You do not need to actively think about anything from the session, your soul will do it for you. There was a reason for you to do the session so trust and let go.

Try it out for free

Unfortunately I cannot offer a short version of the being session. But what I can offer you is an energy scan to see which parts of your body are already in alignment and which part could be moved during a being session. Are you interested? Get in touch with me for a free mini energy scan.