Burn-Out Coaching

Do you feel like your energy reserve is running low but are you lying awake at night? Do you notice that you are slowly losing your sense of enjoyment in life and do you feel like you are a completely different person than before? Do you know that you cannot continue much longer but are you uncertain about what you can do to get grip back on your life? Our burn-out coaching might be something for you!

A burn-out is super confronting because it confronts you with the fact that your way of life is not a sustainable one. When you are continuously out of energy, you need to change your way of life in a way that fits with what your body is telling you. In the end a burn-out will lead to you a way of life where you will end up with excess energy again and can trust yourself completely again, but the process towards getting there is not easy.

burn out coaching
In the midst of a burn-out sometimes it is hard to see the perspective

Waves of Life offers burn-out coaching to help you with:

  • Turning the frustration into positive emotions that you can actually use
  • Coming to terms with the idea that you cannot continue the life that you have been living
  • Building up your self-confidence again
  • Finding the trust back in yourself and in your body
  • Learning you how to recognize tension in your body and how to deal with it
  • Learning you how to manage your energy
  • Helping you to set priorities in life
  • Keeping a positive mindset throughout the process
  • Helping you to prevent a relapse

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