A blog about how everything can change every single day

I wake up and set the intention that i would like to feel positively surprised that day. An hour later I check my email and i have an email from La Point Surfcamps, one of the most inspiring surfcamps I know. I sent an email to them four times but never received a reply. Earlier that week I thought ‘why not try it another time’ and before I know it I have a reply from them in my mailbox asking me for a Skype interview. Now i can proudly announce i will work for them as a surf instructor from January onwards in Sri Lanka!

This week life showed me that everything can change every single day. Our brain wants to make long-term stories so that we can build a sense of security, but in the end nothing is set in stone. Trying four times does not mean it is not going to work the fifth time. This is a job i did not even dare dreaming about and it happened. Never give up, the impossible in your mind is possible in reality!!

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