What do you choose?

A blog about the choices we have in our lives

I used to be very shy and quiet. I was afraid, afraid to express myself, to expose myself, perhaps to be afraid of myself. I remember very well that one day I woke up and asked myself what exactly embarrassment brought me. When I couldn’t come up with anything positive, I made the decision to become less shy. It may sound stupid because what does the decision matter ?! In my eyes: everything! The decision stands for the fact that you are taking a different path. The decision indicates a clear destination and how do we know which step to take without a destination? From that moment on, I came up with a new challenge for myself every day, from talking to a stranger to sharing how I feel. And now I am here. I now see making connections with people as one of my greatest strengths.

Every day you face many choices. Whether you quit your job, if you want a different kind of relationship, if you take the stairs or do something that makes you happy instead of just the people around you. They are all your choices and the direction that your life takes is determined by the choices you make. Not wanting to change or sticking to what you know is also a choice. Every choice is good, provided you are 100 percent behind your choice and do not secretly dream of a different direction.

I made the choice for a different life. I gave my life a 7, but wanted a 9. The steps to quit my business and cancel my house were not that difficult, but the choice was. But secretly I dreamed of the 9 so I could no longer stop myself from going in another direction. I have not regretted for a moment and now really give my life a 9.

What do you choose?

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