A blog about the feeling of emptiness

I feel empty. Saying goodby to clients I have trained with for over two years, giving my last couple of runs for Adidas and my schedule getting more empty with the day with my adventure to Spain slowly approaching. This feeling of emptiness makes me scared. It makes me want to run back to how things were. It makes me want to fill it up so that I do not really have to face it. Instead, I try to stick with it. I try to embrace it. Because deep inside I know that life has a planĀ for me which can only unfold if I have closed the doors behind me. Between the old and the new always lies a transition period which is so scary we often do not dare to let go of the old and open up to the new. But what if we allow ourselves to be empty for a while, what if we allow ourselves some time for reflection before we jump into another adventure? Doing this will lead up to a life full of things that you dream of deep inside your hear, instead of simply doing things because you are too scared to face the feeling of emptiness itself.

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