Fear of water

I have never told anyone this but I used to be so scared of the water. My fear of the water explained the fact that as a kid it took me 3 times to get my swimming diploma. My swimming itself was quite okay but somehow I could not manage to swim 7 meters underwater through a hole.

Funny how things can change over time huh. Now I spent most of my days in or around the water. I think it was because of surfing that I started to fall in love with the water, that I realized that I feel at home in the water.

Today I went exploring in the area where I live. I heard there was a lake somewhere around so I entered a dirt track and indeed found an incredibly isolated but stunning lake.

The water was calling my name. ‘Come in, come in’, it said. But so many thoughts were running through my head. ‘It will be so cold. Maybe there are some dangerous fish in there. But there is nobody around here.’ I paused my head for a moment and started to focus on my breathing. This calmed me down and made me forgot the thoughts in my head. I jumped in.

It was so so nice! I was screaming from joy. I could not believe I had the lake completely to myself. Slowly my body seemed to become the water. The movement of my body and the water started to synchronize and all noise disappeared to the background. I was free flowing.

Incredible how some stupid thoughts almost stopped me from having this experience.

What have you been making excuses for that you have been wanting to do for a while now?

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