Lessons from the ocean 2

You enter the water and look around you. There is 15 boys and you. You do not mind, you grew up with boys and feel comfortable with them. The waves start breaking over the reef. The fight begins. With the slightest sight of a wave, the boys start to move. Like sharks hunting for a prey. You put your fight-mode on. It must be survival of the fittest. You want to show the boys you are not just a girl that decided to take a foamie out, but that you can surf. That you can catch just as many waves as they can, or more. And thus you join the battle. Whenever a waves comes rolling in, you start moving too. Anxiously looking for that wave. Paddling for the wave even though 10 other people are already paddling. A few times you miss the wave just by one little meter. Then a guy drops in on you and since you are not sure he is getting out you make a mistake and fall. Frustration begins to build up.

But then…

You stop and ask yourself what the heck you are doing? Why you are doing exactly the same as everyone else? Why are you fighting if you do have made the decision in your life not to fight anymore? You sit there and relax for a bit. You have automatically moved with the group but let’s re-evaluate. There is a little wave on the inside where nobody is lying. Why not try it there? You catch a few waves and the frustration slowly disappears.

That day in the water you learned an important lesson. That it never makes sense to join the fight. That if everyone else moves left, move right instead. Do not pick the path that everyone else takes but pick your own path.

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