Free mini reading

Would you like to experience a reading for free? Are you unsure what a reading is exactly and how it can help you move forward in life? Do you feel a bit nervous about doing a psychic reading with me? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, I warmly invite you for a free mini reading.

In a mini reading you will be able to ask one question to me. Usually the mini readings are done via text to keep the process smooth and simple. You can ask any question you like as long as it is about yourself or yourself in connection with other people. Best work questions that start with how or why. If you cannot think of a question, you can still request a free mini reading. Then I will provide you with the information that is most important for you to hear at that specific moment.

Once you asked me the question and provided me with your full name, I will intuitively read your energy field and connect with your higher self to get the answer to the question. Usually within one week you will receive an answer on your question via text:)

mini reading

Do you want a free mini reading? Contact me to make use of this amazing opportunity!