Lessons from the ocean

In this blog I share my lessons from the ocean.

Every day the ocean teaches me about life. Somehow my biggest passion also allows me to develop the most on a personal level. It clears my mind while at the same time it gives me new things to think about.

Today I was standing on top of the cliff overlooking the bay where the waves were rolling in. Even from far above you could see the waves had some size. It was a bit sheltered but still some big bombs were coming in. I was doubting to go in. But I knew there was only one way to find out whether it was really too much and that was by going into the water.

I got changed into my wetsuit and carefully selected my way through the white water towards the back. I had picked a good route because before I knew it I was out. There I checked in with myself. How am I feeling? I felt my heart rate was a bit higher than normal but I also realized I was okay.

We force ourselves to do so much that it is easy to push the go button but we often forget to check in with ourselves during the process. That is why on days like this I like to push myself but at the same time I like to check in with myself to see whether I am really okay and not pushing my fear away. When I realized I was okay I pulled in my first wave. A guy was in my line so I decide to not go. Instead of punishing myself, I check in with my expectations. Even to be out here with these waves is an accomplishment so I set my expectation to one wave.

I get washed away by a monster set and decide to take a break on the shore. Then I ask myself whether I want to go back in. I want to so I make my way out again. This time I catch a nice lefthander, with some force but also with a lot of control. Yihaa, mission accomplished! I take a break again, check in with my shoulder. Can I still go or should I take a break?

I go in again and catch another nice wave. This time a righthander. Hitting the lip and with the close out I make my way back to shore, satisfied and proud of myself.

Today I pushed myself but I did not punish myself. Often I see people pushing themselves, without taking themselves by the hand. They decide that they want to do something and then do it independent of whatever it takes. Ambitions are good, pushing our boundaries is good but when you forget yourself in the process, what are you doing it for?

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