Mental surf tips and tricks

mental surf tips

Surfing is a mental sport. In the water you get confronted with yourself in numerous ways. You get confronted with your fears, your expectations and your thought patterns. And still we often only discuss the physical side of surfing. How to make speed on a wave, how to set up a great bottom turn, how to pop-up. On this website we will focus on the mental side of surfing only. I will give you mental surf tips and tricks to boost your mental strength in the water. I am convinced that when you become mentally stronger in the water, you will automatically become a better surfer.

A confrontation with yourself

All the articles and movies you find on this page are based on my background as a Sports Psychologist. And on my own experience as a surfer and surf teacher. Over the years I got confronted with so many things in the water that I wanted to share my knowledge with other people. Every time I surfed, independent of how well it went, I learned something about myself. I learned how to patiently wait for a wave like sometimes we have to wait for things to happen in life. I learned how to take action and be dominant when needed like we need to step up in life at the right times. And I learned how to find peace within ever-changing conditions like in life we cannot control external circumstances either.

What you can find on this page

On this page you find both movies and articles which focus on mental tips and tricks of surfing. There will be episodes on how to recover from a wipe-out. And you can find movies about how to find your flow in the water. If you have any requests about a certain topic, feel free to send me an email.

Mental surf tip: How do you recover after a wipe-out?

Mental surf tips and tricks episode 1: How do you recover after a wipe-out?
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Mental surf tip: How do you overcome your fear of big waves?

Mental surf tips and tricks episode 2: How can you conquer your fear of big waves?


How do you conquer your fear of high waves?
How do you conquer your fear of high waves?

What a power the ocean has! You probably remember very well the one time that you were pulled under water and only just managed to come out of the water again. Since then you regularly think back to t…

A wipe-out, how do you recover from it?
A wipe-out, how do you recover from it?

Everyone knows it. You lie in the water, you paddle for the wave, and as you take that last glance back, you already know. You feel the wave breaking on you and you are dragged under water. Tasting an…

Do you want more mental surf tips and tricks?

In case you want to share your mental surfing experiences with other people and talk about the mental side of surfing, feel free to join the group that I created on Facebook (note: the group is in Dutch).

Do you want to learn even more to boost your mental performance in the water? Join our surf and inner balance retreats or choose for 1-on-1 surf psychological coaching.