My way of life

Let me tell you about my way of life. I grew up in Holland. But somehow I  have never really felt at home in Holland. Even though I had a lovely childhood, I have always had the feeling that something was missing. So I started searching for what the missing element of my life was. From my 18th I engaged on amazing journeys through Australia, South-America, Central-America and Asia. But every time I came back home I felt the same emptiness again. I continued the search, tried out many different sports and jobs. From door to door seller to restaurant manager, but the feeling of dissatisfaction remained present. But at least challenging myself continuously allowed me to forget a little bit about the feeling of not belonging, of not fitting in somewhere. It also taught me a lot of skills that I wanted to share with other people.

Helping other people

On my 25th I thus decided to start a company in personal training and mental coaching. So that I could help people boosting their physical and mental strength. Later, I started to specifically focus on both helping people with a burn-out to get back on track. I was also helping athletes to become more mentally strong. Within three months the company was running smooth and most importantly I enjoyed what I did. Until one day I woke up and could hardly move anymore. My entire body felt so heavy and instead of my normal enthusiasm I felt like all life force had left my body. I recognized the burn-out symptoms but was very confused because I loved my work so how could I have a burn-out!?

The week that everything changed

The week after I had planned a little surf trip to Portugal and I decided to go even if it would mean that I could only lie on the beach and relax. Strangely enough, the moment I set foot in Portugal and saw the ocean the energy rushed back in my body and I ended up surfing 5 hours a day. All that time I had been trying to change parts of myself. At this moment I realized that the reason why I felt so bad was the environment I had created for myself. I had experienced in Portugal what it felt like to feel full of life energy again and be completely myself. Thus, I felt like I had no other choice then changing my life completely and choosing to feel like this every single day.

That summer I broke up with my boyfriend, sold all my stuff, leave Amsterdam and quit the company. Although I did not know what to do, I knew that I had to let go of the things I had built up as they did not fit anymore. All my life the ocean, the sun and being surrounded by people made me truly happy. Thus I went to get my surf instructor license and teach surfing in Sri Lanka and Portugal.

my way of life

I remember so well how unbelievably scary it was to make this choice, but the moment I did all weight went off my shoulders. I felt an enormous relief because I knew that I had made the right choice.

My spiritual awakening

During my journey on the road I loved life. I was surfing all around the world, meeting many beautiful people and helping many people to improve their surfing. However, I started missing the coaching again and tried to rebuild my online coaching business. Crazily enough, nothing seemed to work and I was hitting a wall. Whatever I tried, hardly any clients were coming my way. I was so frustrated and angry and did not understand why it was not working.

But when I went back for Christmas to my parents place it all started to make sense. I had tried to get a job in every field, but there was still one field that I had not tried. The spiritual field. Somehow I was scared. Scared to be different again. Scared to embrace a company that needed some explaining. But since the universe had left me no choice I started experimenting with it. I had already done some healing before and now tried some readings for friends.

From the first reading that I did I felt at home. All my gifts seemed to be activated at once. And finally I felt like I could make a huge impact on people’s lives. I could show every part of myself and combine my physical, mental and spiritual knowledge. Clients were finding me very quickly. From that moment on I knew I had found my way of life!

My way of life

Now my way of life is surfing and running an online spiritual company on the road. My way of life is being able to choose every single day where I want to be and what I want to do.

It is my dream is to help you to find your way of life too. I know the hurdles that stand in the way. I have been through the insecurities that try to keep you exactly where you are now. But I also know what it feels like if you dare to choose a new way of life, your way of life!

If you want to know more about my life story or want to work with me, feel free to contact me!