Online coaching

online coaching

What is online life coaching?

Online life coaching is aimed at helping you with the challenges you encounter in your life. This can be all kinds of challenges. From having issues with your partner to not knowing whether your job fits with you. From having doubts about what to do next to wanting to know more about who you are.

Going to a psychologist has some downsides. First, there has to be an official diagnosis. The psychologist often has to stick to some rules from the insurane companies which can block their open mind during the session. Second, there are nowadays big waiting lines so sometimes you have to wait six weeks before you can be helped. Third, they are not always as flexible when it comes to scheduling sessions. Finally, you have to go to them.

The advantages of online life coaching

Life coaching thus has many advantages over the psychologist. First, I have a free and open mind and do not need to stick to specific rules. This way I can focus on the most important thing: you! Second, I do not have big waiting lines and can ensure to be able to schedule your first session within 2 weeks. Third, I am very flexible with both my times as well as my schedule. You decide if you want to come once or whether you want to do multiple sessions. And you decide what time fits you best. And finally, you can do it right from your home or your working environment. This allows you to be in a safe and known environment to be able to talk openly and freely about what you encounter.

Don’t we all need some advice now and then? Do we not all run into challenges on the way towards our dreams and goals? I think life coaching can be helpful for everyone in periods of their life. Sometimes we just need someone else to listen to our stories and to give a new perspective on the situation. Life coaching fits into our current society where things have to be easy, flexible but also effective.

Our specialities

Waves of Life offers three types of online coaching:

  • Life change coaching: for people who are going through a big change in life. Think about going from employed to self-employed, from home-bound to digital nomad or from working in your home country to working as an expat abroad. They have realized they want another way of life but can use a bit of guidance during this process.
  • Burn-out coaching: for people in the middle of a burn-out that have realized that their way of life is not sustainable anymore. But they are unsure about which way to go instead.
  • Surf psychology coaching: for surfers that want to surf the wave of their life but are challenged by mental issues. Think about a lack of focus, having trouble dealing with pressure or overcoming their fear of the ocean.

Why you should believe me as a coach?

There are a few reasons why I think I will be able to coach you efficiently towards a better way of life.

  • MY BACKGROUND: I have a master in Movement Sciences and a post-master in Sports Psychology
  • MY EXPERIENCE: I have more than 4 years experience with coaching people towards better lives
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: I have an inherent ability to relate well to all kinds of people. At the same time I can see through your behavior that might be standing in the way of progress
  • LOVE FOR COACHING: I love what I do and you can feel it. I honestly care about you and your life. And I want to do everything I can to help you become more satisfied in life.
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD: I have gone through the highs and lows of life and have been through most of the processes that clients are going through

Find out more

Do you want more information about the online coaching services of Waves of Life? Here you can read about how it works and see our prices. You can also get in touch with us directly or check out our facebook or instagram pages!