Plant medicine preparation and integration

Many of us feel disconnected. We feel disconnected with ourselves and with the world. Because of this we are looking for ways to re-connect.

One of the ways is through the use of plant medicines like ayahuasca, san pedro or magic mushrooms. By using a plant medicine we can feel the connection with ourselves again and we can heal parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us.

These plants are so sacred. They have been used for thousands of years already, mainly by shamans, to heal and connect. It is a privilege that we in the Western world now have the possibility to connect to them.

There is one big problem, however. Often we simply go to a ceremony. We experience an intense opening in our being, receive incredible insights. But afterwards we go back to our normal life and have trouble integrating what we experience. Often we are also not prepared for the intensity that a plant medicine ceremony brings and we get completely overwhelmed and are unable to ground the energy coming through us.

While shamans were taking plant medicine in a safe environment surrounded by other shamans and experienced takers, we are often not guided in preparation for the journey and also the after-care is missing.

If you are looking for a good way to prepare for your plant medicine journey, or want some help integrating everything that you have experienced, you came to the right place.

The metaphor of a door

plant medicine

The way I see a plant medicine is as a door. When we take ayahuasca, san pedro or magic mushrooms a door to our higher self opens. When this door opens, an enormous amount of knowledge becomes available that was not available to us before. This can range from future visions, to past lives, to traumas that have been stored in our body, to new ways to understand the world you live in.

It is important to understand that all this knowledge lies WITHIN you. The door is always there, it is simply easier to open when you take something like ayahuasca or san pedro.

And when you finish the ceremony, the door closes. You can take with you whatever you need and leave the rest behind the door. When we prepare and integrate plant medicine journeys in a good way, you can control this process. You can decide what you take from the door and you can decide to what extent you want to re-open the door.

Plant medicine preparation and integration

If you genuinely care about yourself, you also care about the preparation and integration of the plant medicine.

Let me help you in this process by making sure that you can enjoy the journey in the best way but also by helping you integrate all the beautiful insights that you have received into your life.

Which plant medicine are you taking?

Why work with me?

Great question! I believe I can guide you with your plant medicine journeys because:

  • I have gone through the highs and lows of the spiritual awakening process myself and had to do most of it on my own which allowed me to really understand what is going on and develop a deep understanding of spirituality
  • I have more than 12 years of spiritual experience, with courses in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Akashic Records and Intuitive Development. I have also experienced multiple ayahuasca, san pedro and magic mushrooms ceremonies.
  • I will be able to FEEL with you. Not only in an empathical way but also literally I will be able to feel what is happening inside of your body. I will be able to time-travel to the ceremony but also back to the ceremony during the integration process.
  • I have passion for what I do and truly want the best for you
  • I am down to earth but also very warm and loving at the same time

Do you want to have a chat with me to see whether you feel a connection? Feel free to reach out to me for a free 10-min video chat.