Psychic reading

There is an immense amount of information in our energetic body. Everything is energy. Besides a physical and mental body, we also have an energetic body. This body contains a lot of information about us. It can tell us what our path of life should be and what our mission is in life. It can also tell us what skills and gifts we have received from former lifes. Or what kind of relationships we will encounter in our life, just to name a few things. Unfortunately for most people this information is very difficult to access. Luckily a psychic reading or flow session as I like to call it can bring back this information!

flow session

What is a psychic reading/flow session?

A flow sessions is a single session that combines both psychic reading and healing. Let me explain what psychic reading and healing is exactly.

Psychic reading

During a flow session I will be reading your energetic field to see all the information that is stored within it. I will access anything that is important for you at the moment. A psychic reading will re-activate this information and make it conscious to you. This can be all kinds of useful information such as which steps you are meant to take next or what you need to learn in this life. Even what your love life will look like, what lessons you will be faced with or why you keep on being in the same situations.

Once this information becomes known to you, you can start using it for your highest potential. You can start making the right steps to bring you to the life that you are meant to live. A life that gives you energy, a life that goes easy and flowy and a life that makes you matter to other people.


Next to all the information that you can access, you will also receive a huge amount of healing during a flow session. Your body will be aligned again with your essence. This essence is the core energy that you were born with but that you might have forgotten over time. During life we can deviate a bit from our path but a flow session will place you right back to your path and re-align your body with this energy. Sometimes your energy is blocked preventing it from freely flowing through your body. A flow session will also remove some of these blocks. This wll allow your energy to flow freely again and enables you to live a life at your highest potential.

What are the effects of a flow session?

The effects of a flow session can be various:

  • discovering what your mission is in life
  • getting more clarity in your life
  • feeling light and free in your body again
  • feeling like the world is working for you and not against you
  • finding out how to deal with certain problems or people that you keep on encountering in your life
  • discovering why you attract certain things in life and what you are meant to learn from it
  • understanding how you can communicate with people that have passed away
  • receiving important messages from loved ones that have passed away
  • receiving important messages from your spirit guides
  • discovering unconscious patterns and belief that block you in your life and in your growth
  • and so much more!

Try it out for free!

You can now try out a mini psychic reading for free. Read more about it here. Do you want to sign-up for a full psychic reading straight away? Get in touch with me.