One real responsibility

A blog about our only real responsibility in life.

This is how i woke up this morning. These past two weeks made me realize how lucky i am with my family and friends. How grateful i am to be able to come at home and be welcomed with open arms by everyone, independent of how long i have not seen them.

Despite this, i will hit the plane to Sri Lanka tomorrow. I will miss the birth of my new niece and i will miss a lot of wonderful moments but i know i only have one real responsibility in life: living the life that makes me truly happy. And that means being in a sunny place, near the ocean on an adventure. Sometimes it feels egoistic to live this life but then i know that i can only be there fully for everyone around me when i live my own life to the fullest.

Dear friends and family, thank you so much for the last few weeks, for the lovely encounters, for the surprises, for the smiles and the love you gave me. See you soon!

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