Satisfaction from within

A blog about how I managed to find satisfaction from within.

Yesterday I had a shit day. I had trouble finding an affordable camping spot and was disappointed by the camping vibes so far. Doubts overwhelmed me. What was I doing here? Was it really worth leaving everything behind for this? In the midst of the pondering the realization hit me. That one can never be happy with something external as long as one is not happy from within. So instead of giving my mind more time to mess around, i stopped and started to be satisfied from within, for making the step, for driving all this way on my own and for the guts that i needed to leave everything behind.

This morning i woke up early and as the sun rose over the ocean i caught some perfect little waves. After that i went on a hike to discover the surroundings of Hendaye and was amazed by the beauty i encountered.
This journey might not be so much about looking for a place somewhere after all, it might be about discovering a place inside myself where i feel happy and at ease independent of where i am….

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