Surf Psychology Coaching

surf psychological coaching

Is surfing your big passion but do you feel like you are hitting a wall when it comes to getting better? Are you spending a lot of time in the water but do you feel like you are not making any steps forward? Then our surf psychology coaching might be perfect for you!

Surfing is a super mental sport. Not only because we spent most of the time surfing alone, but also because surfing can confront you with so many things. It confronts you with your own expectations of yourself, your own limits, your fears and limiting beliefs. Surfing is very uncontrollable. So many factors play a role that we cannot influence like the wind, the swell, other surfers and the sandbanks. This makes it easy to bring the focus towards all the external things. However, the only way to improve is to focus back on yourself. How are you dealing with your own fears? How do you stay positive when you have had a bad session? And how do you remain calm when it is busy in the water? All these questions are things that we can work on during a surf psychology coaching session.

As a passionate surfer, surf coach and sports psychologist I understand what you are going through and how frustrating this must be.

What do the surf psychology coaching sessions focus on?

Since the surf psychology coaching is completely individual, I will cater exactly towards your personal needs and design a program that brings out the best in your surfing.

Our surf psychology coaching sessions can help you to become the best surfer you can possibly be by helping you with:

  • Overcoming your fear of high waves
  • Boosting your self-confidence in the line-up
  • Maximizing your focus in the water
  • Not feeling intimidated by other surfers around you
  • Staying calm and relaxed independent of what is happening outside you
  • Improving your surfing moves
  • Learning to perform under pressure
  • Being optimally prepared for a contest or competition
  • Positively and quickly dealing with surf injuries
  • Positively motivating yourself when you run into adversities
  • Making you a surfer that is mentally strong and hard to beat

Do you want to find out more? Contact me now for a free 15 minute session.

For the Dutch surfers I also created a mental surfing tips and tricks facebook page where you can find some great tips to improve your mind game in the water!

More pleasure than ever

I felt really at easy during the mental training sessions. Roos can easily empathize with my situations and has allowed me to see a number of blind spots that I would have missed otherwise. Her help was very effective and she has shown me how I can be on top of my mental game in the water. This way I can play sports care-free again and with more pleasure than ever.


Improving my focus

Roos has helped me to improve my focus during competition. She has taught me how concentration works and gave me many practical tips which I could directly use on the field. Next to that she has taught me how important relaxation is when you want to improve your focus. Roos has a lot of patience and great empathy. She explains everything in a down to earth and clear manner. I really enjoyed working with her.


A great feeling

After I found myself crying during another surf session, I decided to start with sports psychological training so that I could get rid of my fear of high waves which had been standing in the way of my progress as a surfer. During ten weeks Roos has helped me to gain insight into my personality and shown me which of my talents I can use during my sport. We analyzed my fears and relived them with many different techniques. Roos has helped me to make a game plan with visualisations and breathing techniques which allowed me to recognize my fear but also observe it from a distance instead of being dragged into it, a great feeling!