Surf & Inner Balance Retreat

On this page you can read more about our surf and inner balance retreats!

surf and inner balance

This year we have four different surftrips for you: two trips in June where we combine mental coaching with surfing and two trips in September where we combine spiritual coaching with surfing. On this website you can find more information about the Surf&Inner Balance Retreats in June! You can find all the information about the Surf&Spirit Trips on the Surfmind website.

Sometimes we lose touch with who we are. We forget what we stand for and what we find important in life and instead just react to whatever life throws upon us. In our retreats you can re-discover who you are so that you can build a life that fits with who you are.

When we do this, life flows effortlessly, we have energy left at the end of the day and we feel so much joy and peace of mind every single day.

Program of the Surf and Inner Balance Retreat

The surf and inner balance retreat will consists of different parts:

Group coaching sessions


During the coaching sessions we will sit together with the group and dive into a theme. We will start off with exploring who you are and what you stand for. Then we will talk about how you manage your own energy and how you deal with emotions. Finally, we will set goals that you want to work towards after the retreat. Depending on the theme, different methods are used such as group discussion, tests, individual and creative assignments. However, the most important thing is that the needs of the group stand central and that the program can be adapted to what the participants need at that moment. Because the group only consists of few people, a sacred space will be created in which everyone feels safe and can learn from one another.

Surfing classes


You can choose the classes which fit your own level of surfing. The level 1 course will help you to learn the basics of surfing. The level 2 course is aimed at learning and improving the surfing of green waves. Finally, level 3 introduces you to special maneouvres you can do on the wave. The classes will be adapted depending on the individual needs. Every individual will be challenged to his or her own level. Lessons will take place on Amoreira beach unless the waves are too big and we will find an alternative location.

Surfmind sessions


The surfmind sessions are specifically designed for working with whatever comes up in the surfing classes. They will bridge the gap between surfing and personal growth. During the surfing classes you might be confronted with many things. Maybe emotions arise or maybe you get confronted with your own expectations and fears. During the surfmind sessions we get the opportunity to work on these specific things. There will be 2 surfmind sessions of 1 hour.



There will be two yoga sessions during the retreat but this will not be the main focus. However, there is plenty of time during the day to do your own yoga routine and there is many beautiful places to do yoga around.

Individual healing, reading and coaching sessions

It is possible to ask for additional coaching, healing and reading throughout the surf retreat.



We will sleep in a beautiful villa right in the middle of nature. The villa is located 5-10 minutes from three surfbeaches. The private villa is super well-equipped and has individual rooms as well as shared rooms. A great vibe, an amazing lounge inside and outside and a swimming pool!


Every morning there will be healthy breakfast served for you by our beautiful Evy and Tanja. We will also have an amazing welcome dinner at the arrival day on Saturday there. At the end of the week there is also a nice BBQ included on the roof terrace.

Lunches will be provided on the days that you will have surfing classes (5 days). For the meals that are not provided you can choose where to enjoy it. You can drive to one of the beautiful beaches or natural areas in the region and eat your lunch there, but there are also plenty of options (local and international) in the town of Aljezur.



During the surf retreat you will be guided by Roos Malmberg. After a master in movement sciences and sports psychology, Roos was running a succesful coaching company in Amsterdam for many years. Although she loved what she did, she realized that she could not live without the ocean near her so she decided to turn around her life. She sold her company, her house and let go of her boyfriend and started working as a surf instructor in Sri Lanka and Portugal. She loves sharing her passion with people and loves it even more to see how the ocean changes people. That is why she set up a new company Waves of Life where she now coaches people online and offline to their ideal way of life.


The price of the retreat is 699 euros. This includes a welcome dinner on Saturday and a goodbye dinner on the next Saturday, all the coaching sessions and materials, two surfmind sessions, five surf classes including wetsuit and surfboard rental, two yoga classes, healthy breakfasts, 5 lunches and 7 nights in the villa in a shared room (upgrade to private room possible).

More info and booking

For more information and booking, please go to the Surfmind website or contact me personally.