A traumatic first experience

Surfing is one of my biggest passions. The ocean makes me feel alive and free. When I surf I forget the world but at the same time I feel so part of it. The first time I went surfing was a bit of a different experience. I went with some local guys in Panama which took me with a boat to the neerest reef break. There I was dropped in the water and the guys told me: ‘Good luck’.

Well, luck I needed because I could not even lie on the shortboard that they gave me. On top of that, I got washed by a two meter wave and was so scared that I climbed back into the boat. For 5 years I did not surf, but luckily I tried again after. I fell in love with the sport straight away. Now I have been surfing for 10 years and teaching surfing for two years.


Surfing, a mind game

Surfing is an extremely mental sport. We get confronted with so many things that we cannot control, such as the ocean, the wind, other surfers and the tides. In the midst of all this chaos, we need to find our calmth and we need to perform. This is not too easy. Therefore I have decided to focus on improving the mental strength of surfers!

Inspired by my background as a sports psychologist and on my own surfing experience, I have developed three things that you can benefit from:

  • Mental Surf Tips and Tricks: On this page you find mental tips and tricks to boost your mental performance in the water. You can find videos but also articles about many topics that surfers are facing.
  • Surf Psychology Coaching: If you are in need of more guidance and want to maximalize your surfing performance by improving your mental strength, you can choose for personal coaching. Our coaching can give you clarity into what is holding back your performance at the moment and how you can bring your surfing to a higher level.
  • Surf and Inner Balance Retreat: During this beautiful retreat we will spend time improving our surf and ourselves at the same time. You will get coaching sessions in the water, but also group coaching sessions out of the water. We will work on creating a more balanced surfing style, but also on a more balanced life.

Do you want to boost your surfing and gain mental strength in the water? Check out our tips and tricks now or sign up for surf psychology coaching. You can contact us here.