On this page you can find a number of testimonials from clients from all over the world that have experienced my services. Do you not know what to expect exactly or do you want to ensure that the quality of my services is high? Feel free to check out the testimonials below.

Akashic Readings and Spiritual Guidance

I have met her for a reading and for me, it was a really eye opening experience. I felt welcome and the created space gave me the possibility to show myself as the one I was during the current situation. Roos was super emphatic and authentic. It felt like a deep conversations on another level. For me, it felt and still feels, super helpful to understand myself, my path of life and a lot more even better. Thank you✨Roos is very caring and individualised. I love the video calls because she understands my soul and heals deep wounds. She doesn’t judge and is super talented. Thank you soo much!

Very grateful for the beautiful reading I received from Roos. She provided an incredibly insightful reading that really resonated with me. Her gentle and intuitive presence made the whole experience that much more enjoyable! Will continue to see Roos for future readings!

Our paths crossed when a mutual friend introduced us as we happened to be in the same location. As a fledgling in my own inner work, our interactions culminated in a deep dive into my blockages which brought new perspectives and energies into my life. I love the vibes and healing work we’ve done together, and would highly recommend seekers to embark on an inner journey with Roos. 🙏 Om tare tuttare ture soha 🙏 Thank you Roos!

Dear Roos, thank you for the beautiful deep moments. They were so valuable. You tuned in and I could move with you. It felt like a natural collaboration with the higher spirits. After one of the sessions I was allowed to experience a miracle, the cosmic energy came through me and conjured a heart in my fried egg in the pan. Amazing. My heart overflowed with JOY. Thank you Roos for being pure !! 🥰

It’s difficult to write a review that does justice to Roos’ capabilities to sense, to listen, to make other people feel at ease, and to help them forward in life. Roos has been a source of inspiration for me ever since we met, and it has been wonderful to witness her go along this path during the past years. Getting a reading from her was very special for me. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, especially as the reading was over videocall – but even at a distance, Roos’ warm and radiant energy is palpable. During the reading, she offered me valuable material to work with, in a clear, sincere and open-minded manner. To encounter her vision and personality is an absolute treat. Thank you Roos!

Wow. What a special and beautiful experience! I heard about Roos from a friend who had a flow session with her. I immediately became very curious. My reading was a huge eye opener. Roos put her finger exactly on the sore spot. A very clear story came out, and the puzzle pieces fell into place. I am very happy with these insights and healing. I advise everyone who feels called to book a session with Roos 🤗.

Roos has given me a beautiful reading. Within 10 minutes she was exactly at the core of my blockade. It immediately felt like a puzzle piece was being put into place. No vague hassle, don’t guess your picture, but get straight to the heart of the matter immediately and openly. A real winner for me.

What a wonderful experience. I met Roos during one of my surf and yoga trips. Was curious about her healing sessions. Roos is so beautifully intuitive that I could not have imagined how valuable this hour with her has been to me. Difficult to explain, because Roos picks up a lot from your subconscious and starts working with it. I can only indicate, if you get the chance to book a session with her, do it!

Rather ‘accidentally’ I ended up with Roos for a reading. I had no idea what to expect. It was a wonderful conversation – it felt like a warm bath, like coming home – in which I received unique insights and confirmation. Thank you Roos! An exceptional experience, highly recommended.

Roos has a beautiful gift in helping other people. She helped me by giving a reading. The information she told me was very striking and clarifying, in which I feel closer to myself and can give a meaning to my life situation and how to develop myself. The way she lives her life is a source of inspiration!

Surf Psychology Coaching

From being scared of depths to surfing a reef break, it was all because of Waves of Life! Roos is an amazing coach who understood my problem and helped me eradicate my negative thoughts step by step. I was scared of depths and was finding it difficult to improve my surfing because I was reluctant to paddle out to depths where I couldn’t hit my feet on the ground. The way how Roos structured the entire program was so amazing that within a very short period I was able to get rid of my fears and I was in deeper waters than I could even imagine.

Right now I am so comfortable with the water that it’s really helping me progress in surfing. Roos is an amazing person with an amazing skill to identify what’s wrong and to treat that so effectively. Thank you so much Roos. You are one amazing human being!

After I found myself crying during another surf session, I decided to start with sports psychological training so that I could get rid of my fear of high waves which had been standing in the way of my progress as a surfer. During ten weeks Roos has helped me to gain insight into my personality and shown me which of my talents I can use during my sport. We analyzed my fears and relived them with many different techniques. Roos has helped me to make a game plan with visualisations and breathing techniques which allowed me to recognize my fear but also observe it from a distance instead of being dragged into it, a great feeling!

Roos has helped me to improve my focus during competition. She has taught me how concentration works and gave me many practical tips which I could directly use on the field. Next to that she has taught me how important relaxation is when you want to improve your focus. Roos has a lot of patience and great empathy. She explains everything in a down to earth and clear manner. I really enjoyed working with her.

I felt really at easy during the mental training sessions. Roos can easily empathize with my situations and has allowed me to see a number of blind spots that I would have missed otherwise. Her help was very effective and she has shown me how I can be on top of my mental game in the water. This way I can play sports care-free again and with more pleasure than ever.