A blog about the different voices in our head

In the morning light i am looking at the ocean. The sets are rolling in. Two to three meters, it is hard to judge since the waves break so far out. The pointbreak on the left is working quite well. My friend and me look at each other. I know he wants to go in. The mental conversation in my mind starts chatting away. Are these conditions not too much for me? Can i make the paddle out? What if my shoulder dislocates? What if i get stuck in the impact zone? I listen to all the questions in my mind, give them space but at the same time i choose for a different voice. The voice that tells me i can do it. The voice that reminds me how fit i am and that i will be fine. I go in and while duckdiving the first set the fear comes in. I take a little moment to breathe quietly and paddle further. I make it out to the back and feel so proud already. Then i decide to give it a try. I paddle and before i know it i am on a wave. Yihaa!

We always have a choice in life. We can decide which of the voices in our head to listen to. By listening to the negative, scared voices we will never go out of our comfort zone, stick to the habits we know and our voice gets louder and louder. By listening to the other voice, we suprise ourselves and show ourselves that we can grow every single day, one wave at a time.

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